Tomb Discovered In Egypt of Previously Unknown Queen

Archaeologists from the Czech Institute of Egyptology have discovered an Old Kingdom tomb in Abusir for a Queen who wasn’t known before, named “Khentkaus III.”

Dr. Miroslav Barta, who lead the search efforts said, “This discovery reveals an unknown part of the 5th Dynasty history which opens the door for more future studies on the family tree of this previously unknown Queen.”


Entrance to the newly discovered tomb of Khentkaus III. Image credit: Czech Institute of Egyptology

“The unearthed tomb is a part of a small cemetery to the south east of the pyramid complex of King Neferefre (Raneferef) which led the team to think that Queen Khentkaus could be the wife of Neferefre hence she was buried close to his funerary complex,” Dr Barta said.

The efforts also uncovered 23 limestone pots, as well as 4 copper tools as part of the tomb decor and funerary setup. Inscriptions found on walls in the tomb say “Wife of the King” and “Mother of the King.”


Artifacts found in the tomb. Image credit: Czech Institute of Egyptology

Team member Dr. Jaromir Krejci said, “The title of the Mother of the King discovered in the tomb is of historical importance.”

“If we can assume that the Queen was buried during the time of King Nyuserre (2445 B.C-2421 B.C) based on a seal that bears his name, we could say that Khentkaus III is the mother of King Menkauhore who was the successor of Nyuserre. This could also reveal more information on this King since we have very little information on him,” Dr Krejci explained.

Kamal Wahid, Giza Antiquities director, said “The tomb is very similar to the rest of the burial in the cemetery which was unearthed by the Czech mission in the 90s. The upper part is a mastaba and a small offerings chapel and the burial chamber in the lower part which is reached through a shaft.”


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  1. This is amazing!!! I can’t believe they found another Queen to study. This is so exciting I can’t wait until they find out more about the family line.


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